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St Albans “smart”, Harpenden “somewhat less polished” – it’s official

May 9th, 2012 · 2 Comments · Sandy's blog

Where do you see “Smart addresses such as St Albans” bracketed with Billericay and Slough, and Harpenden described as “somewhat less polished”?

The answer is the property pages of tonight’s Evening Standard in an intriguing feature on the top twenty commuter stations and how local property prices are performing.

The busiest station is Reading with nearly 4.7 million commuter journeys, an annual season ticket price of £4,516 for a 29 minute journey and an average house price of £242,526.

St Albans comes in at number four in terms of total journey numbers at 3,146,080 -  behind Reading, Chelmsford and Woking. We have the shortest journey time of the busiest twenty commuter stations (on the brave assumption that FCC runs to time) and an average house price of £377,797.

“Less polished Harpenden” (sic) does not make it into the top twenty but is quoted in the article as having an average house price of “under £325,000″ but shares top spot with Sevenoaks in terms of house price rises over the last seven years.

The whole article has the slightly nauseating self-congratulatory tone compulsory in property supplements but the league table makes for interesting reading.

And I wonder how the good folk of Harpenden will take to the idea that they are “less polished”?

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  • Letting Agents in St Albans

    Great post Sandy. Love to see St Albans get good press :) Harpenden is great though, don’t know why they referred to it as “less polished”?

  • Maria Moyses

    Oh dear the Conservative Harpenden Town Council is not going to like this news! Looks like they need a bit of Lib Dem help to smarten up the town. But most of all I’d like to know where these houses are that cost less than £325,000

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