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No such thing as a free lunch (or supper)

March 26th, 2012 · 5 Comments · Sandy's blog

For the record I have not been invited to supper at Dave and Sam Cam’s in the private flat above Downing Street.

But these latest Peter Cruddas revelations make it more urgent than ever that political donations are properly regulated.  I am proud to belong to a party which is in the pocket of neither big business nor trade unions.  The Liberal Democrats receive their funding from the party membership subscription and from individual small donors – getting more of those than does Labour which remains 90 percent dependent on trade union funding.

It was interesting to hear Conservative Minister Francis Maude on today’s BBC Today programme say that people could not buy influence in the Government precisely because it is a Coalition – yet again the Liberal Democrats are acting as a force for decency.

Predictably Labour has climbed on the cash for access bandwagon.  It’s as though no-one remembers all the similar scandals (and worse) which blighted their occupancy of Number 10.  I would have more respect for their faux outrage  if they spotaneously volunteered to change the trade union levy so that members have to opt in to the political levy rather than opt out as is currently the case.  That would instantly put pressure on the Conservatives to give ground and we might be able to stop the sleaze merchants once and for all.

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  • sandy

    Comment via Facebook:

    Suzanne Masterton:
    Your invite must have got lost in the post Sandy!

  • sandy

    Another comment via Facebook:

    Søs Haugaard:
    You should ask to have your money back…

  • sandy

    More comments via Facebook:

    Tim Ward:
    However, I believe we both shared breakfast with Dave and Gideon a few years back. Well, we were in the same hotel restaurant….

    Peter Gill:
    If you just let me have the 250K Sandy I am sure I can work something for you.

  • sandy

    Another comment via Facebook:

    David Wright:
    I’ve had lunch with Shirley Williams – does that count?
    (It was at a Regional Conference; we were next to each other in the queue for a paper-plate lunch, so ate together and had a psephological discussion about the differences between our constituencies).

  • sandy

    And from Facebook:

    Carol Hedges:
    and need to start telling people! LD’s are too good at promoting themselves as ‘the little corner shop’ as opposed to the big Tesco and Asda. Fightfightfight…. (this is my opinion;feel free to disagree…been a LD for 50 years and distresseed by current sitch)
    (Shirley Williams is a saint. I’d dine with her/next to her, in her vicinity anytime. Lucky you)

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